The Tunnel Doors are Closed Simultaneously

The Tunnel Doors are Closed Simultaneously - The Tunnel...

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The Tunnel Doors are Closed Simultaneously The key to understanding what is happening here is that we said the bandits closed the two doors at the ends of the tunnel at the same time . How could they arrange to do that, since the doors are far apart? They could use walkie-talkies, which transmit radio waves, or just flash a light down the tunnel, since it’s long and straight. Remember, though, that the train is itself going at a speed close to that of light, so they have to be quite precise about this timing! The simplest way to imaging them synchronizing the closings of the two doors is to assume they know the train’s timetable, and at a prearranged appropriate time, a light is flashed halfway down the tunnel, and the end doors are closed when the flash of light reaches the ends of the tunnel. Assuming the light was positioned correctly in the middle of the tunnel, that should ensure that the two doors close simultaneously. Or are they?
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