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7 Turn theses clauses with predicative adjectives into noun phrases with attributive adjectives wherever possible. Account for any difference in meaning. Example: the habit is nasty – a nasty habit a. The man was sorry b. The doctor was responsible c. These weapons are heavy d. The two women are alike e. The workers are skilled f. The action is legal 8 Translate the following sentences into English a. Sekretæren vår er den rette til å svare på det b. Den gamle ristet på hodet c. I dette området bor det bare hvite d. Det rare er at ingen har tenkt på det før e. Måtte den beste vinne 9 Comment on the difference in form and meaning between the members of the following pairs. I can paint your hall pink I can paint your hall fast
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Unformatted text preview: We can take a later train We can take a train later We can make that task easy We can easily make that task She looked at her mother with intensely bright eyes She looked at her mother with intense, bright eyes 10 Put the adjectives in brackets in the correct order A ring (gold, nineteenth-century, unusual) A man (attractive, big-headed, young) A lady (English, confused, nice, old, little) A house (modern, semi-detached, attractive) Gloves (leather, expensive, Italian, black) A film (low-budget, Japanese, new, important) A nose (plastic, Roman, red, hideous) A dog (exhausted, young, faithful) Hair (newly-washed, sweet-smelling, fair, beautiful, long)...
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