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I - I Classics 160/Comp Lit 244 The Epic Tradition II Class...

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I. Classics 160/Comp. Lit. 244: The Epic Tradition II. Class Notes And To-Do's III. Welcome to the primal font of Western Literature. All societies have their own myths and their own literature--these are the great stories that lie behind the culture and the tradition that has put us all together in this classroom. Enough of our society still values these works after some 26 centuries for you to be here to learn abou them now. IV. How did it get started? A. People have always told stories--whether to educate the young or the ever-popular goal of SHUTTING THEM UP. One of the reasons our society takes care of the elderly is that they know more stories than WE do, although this was, admittedly before Nintendo. B. The best stories were the ones told the most often, and in the best way. C. No matter what has happened, if people can talk and listen and the TV isn't on, they will tell stories. V. These stories came out of all the stuff of Fantasy: Alien invaders, cities destroyed, and a lost civilization.
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