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VIII. That would indicate that Homer succeeded in telling a good story 1. The Rhapsodes started singing his stuff--or chanting it--and it got to the point that people who specialized in just doing Homer were calling Homeridae (sons of Homer) and selling themselves that way. 2. Again, Peisistratus's festivals make it clear that people were reading from a writen text of his collection as early as the mid-6th B.C. You first need those to help train the next generation of rhapsodes, and then ot her people find that buying those are cheaper than actually hiring a rhapsode. 3. For Shakespeare, we know that there were good and bad quarto editions of his various plays before the first great effort to collect them all (to make money) into the First Folio, which wasn't bad, but it wasn't perfec t, either. 4. Since then, people have been comparing texts that don't agree with each other--people such as End as of 9/9/95
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