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X - X All right-that's how we got the books-Now what about...

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X. All right--that's how we got the books--Now what about what's IN THEM? A. But first--WHY were those Alexandrian and Pergamene scholars working so hard to establish that text? 1. Western civilization now has what used to be and what a great many people still think was a recorded standard of morality--the Bible 2. Homer offered a readable, intelligent guide to individual conduct, survival, and relationship to the supenatural and other untrollable events. Do I have to paint you a picture? B. AND having said that, why should you care? 1. Because the moral code that shaped these books and the civilzation that valued them so highly isn't the same one that you're reacting to now. 2. The Christian moral code that supplanted the one expressed here had something dramatically different to offer, as Jesus Himself put it, "You have heard it said that you should love friend and hate your enemy...Isn't that what the pagans do?
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