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XII1 - XII What I Saw in Your Papers A A rather foolhardy...

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XII. What I Saw in Your Papers A. A rather foolhardy belief that you could talk about what you wish, rather than what the question asks for. B. I knew a professor who delighted in asking questions that seemed to have one answer, and then would slaughter you if you gave it. Quite often we never were quite sure what the bastard had wanted. C. Here and in any essay exam--put that question sheet in front of you. 1. Organize your thoughts (the word processors even have features to help you do that, such as outline and overwrite. 2. Make sure that every paragraph is complete in and of itself, and that EVERY paragraph responds directly to your effort to answer the question. D. The burden of proof is on you, and no light one! 1. You refer to something in the text, you tell me EXACTLY where to find it-- Book and Line number. 2. You want to refer to something today, the burden gets no lighter! a) You want to quote ANY book, and that includes the bible, directly or indirectly, you tell me where I can go to see where you got it.
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