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XII. And now we need know to a little history, but you will find that we just can't rid of Homer: A. In the year 338, Philip II of Macedonia defeated the combined armies of Athens and Thebes at the battle of Chaeronea. 1. About the only thing the Greek states ever had been able to agree upon was Homer and the Panhellenic Games 2. SOME of them had barely stayed cohesive enough to win the great war against the Persian invasion of 480. 3. The major allies of THAT war, Sparta and Athens, proceeded to eviscerate each other in an exciting exercise called the Peloponnesian War, 431-404 while the Persians thoughtfully poured on Kerosene whenever the flames looked likely to go out. 4. Contrary to what many would have you believe (And don't blame Thucydides) the fun didn't stop there. 5. Sparta tried to rule Greece with Persian support, which got everybody angry enough to rally around Thebes, which put
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Unformatted text preview: Sparta down in the great battle of Leucta. 6. With Sparta gone, the various cities of the Peloponnese proceded to turn each other into chutney at regular intervals. 7. Thebes tried to conquer Phocis, and the Phocians proceeded to grab Delphi and use the riches there to hire mercenaries in the 340's in a horror called the 2nd Sacred War. 8. So all Greek aspirations, culture, and thought boiled down to the Macedonians ending up with the pie--except that. .. B. Philip's family had always valued Greek culture 1. Philip's grandfather Archelaus had taken in the great Athenian tragic playwright Eurpides (died c. 406) 2. Philip's family went so far as to claim descent from Achilles, as one of Philip's precocious heir Alexander's tutors hammered home by calling Alexander "Achilles" and he himself...
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