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Phoenix - Protosilieaus b Then went with his best bud...

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"Phoenix." 3. Alexander's last and most famous tutor was Aristotle, who took charge of him was he was 13 in 343. Would it terribly surprise you to know that Alexander considered his most valuable possession a copy of the Iliad that Aristotle had worked over for him? 4. Philip was assassinated under mysterious circumstances and Alexander proceeded to show that he was a better man than ever his father was... C. How do you write about superheroes when somebody's made Achilles look sick? 1. Just to give you an idea of how great was Homer's influence on Alexander, when Alexander launched his great campaign against the Persians, he a) Arrived at Troy, got off the boat, and sacrificed to
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Unformatted text preview: Protosilieaus b) Then went with his best bud Hephaestion to sacrifice to the tombs of Achilles and Patroclus c) And THEN sacrficed to Priam by way of apoligizing for his ancestor Pyrrhus/Neoptolemus having done him in. 2. Alexander proceeded after that, with periodic single combats, sulks in his tent, and terrible angers, to conquer the Persian Empire and a good chunk of Afghanistan and India in the years between 336 and his death in 323. Oh, and when Hephaestion died in 324, Alexander exterminated the entire tribe of the Sacae as, he said, a funeral sacrifice to Hephaestion, for whom he conducted the Mother of All...
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