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A. After a great deal of bloodshed and waste, the Eastern Mediterranean basically divided itself into thirds: 1. The original kingdom of Macedonia, under Demetrius's descendants, that spent its time trying to get back into Greece, fighting the Ptolemies over the Aegean islands, and quarreling with the Seluecids over Asia. 2. The Seleucids were in charge of the central section of Alexander's empire, as far as Indian, and spent two centuries watching pieces of it break off while they fought with the Ptolemies over lower Syria and tried to keep Pergamon down and the Antigonids out. 3. And then there's Egypt and the Ptolemies: a) Ptolemy I, Alexander's cavalry commander, had beaten it to Egypt early (in 323) and was able to hold it since he only had to defend the Sinai frontier and make sure he had a powerful fleet. b) Demetrius scared the hell out of him (and hence, his support of Rhodes), and, as I mentioned, he'd founded the Museum
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Unformatted text preview: at his capital of Alexandria as a weapons laboratory. c) He took his powerful fleet and tried to fight his way back into Greece and the Aegean Islands d) Another thing he did was to hire a Rhodian named Timosthenes to make a detailed survey of the Mediterranean coast, and outside through Gibraltar and up the Atlantic coast. Timosthenes voyage and the account of his voyage were as well known as they were useful to Ptolemy's fleet and diplomats 4. One damn useful weapon in this period was propaganda. All of the rulers of the three super-powers (and Pergamon) spent a great deal of time trying to appear more Greek than the others, and so Ptolemy and his heirs did not object to the philology soon taking place at his weapons laboratory. In fact, Ptolemy became one of the most famous book grabbers who ever lived. .. 5. Now, one of the people who ended up running his library was a...
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