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Funerals. 3. Unfortunately, the one way Alexander had NOT emulated Achilles was in forgetting to leave an heir of an age to KEEP all Alexander had conquered for him: Alexander IV d. c. 310 and the empire hopelessly fragmented. XIII. And NOW we get into the world that created Apollonius of Rhodes and the Argonautica: The Hellenistic Age, 323-31 (politically, at least). A. Alexander's generals killed each other and large numbers of other people off in what we call the Wars of the Diadochi in between 322 (death of Perdiccas) and 281 (Corupedion). B. The old Greek city states banded together into leagues that spent most of their time voting as a group to which of the general-kings they were going to toady.
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Unformatted text preview: C. Admittedly, the city-state of Rhodes had sent one of the most dangerous of these men packing in 305, with a dangerous combination of strong walls, the finest navy the world had (has?) ever seen, and a shocking willingness to die in order to remain free. Tyrranies have a hard time coping with that sort of thing. D. The Gauls had the bad luck to invade around 281, when the assorted general kings paused from trying to kill each other to turn the troops and war machines on them. That was something of a vindication of Greek culture and science, as they saw it. It certainly didn't lead to another dark age, as it might have and would....
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