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fellow named Callimachus a) Born in Cyrene, migrated to Alexandria, where he wrote an annotated catalogue (the pinakes) that still lets us know how much we've lost. b) Became enamored of a style of poetry we call pastoral or idyllic, which emphasizes the beauty and intricacy of nature, character, and plot, every word carefully chosen, scenes and emotions carefully and fully described. c) Would it surprise you to learn that a fellow named Apollonius was one of his prize students? Keep that in mind when you're reading the Argonautica. d) Now, possibly because Callimachus' own longer poems, the Aetia and the Hecale did not do well, Callimachus came to believe, and to convince others, that a short and intricately crafted poem was superior to a long poem, such as Homer's epics. (1) Do you suppose this was because Homer had left no room for a rival? (2) How is someone going to be the best at what he does if
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Unformatted text preview: somebody else has done it so well previously? e) Callimachus could describe a beautiful scene in beautiful and intricate words, and he also had a real genius for epigram. 6. Apollonius, however, still thought that Homer could be rivaled. a) He has started work on the Argonautica early, but it had not been well received. b) Legends after the fact also say that he was promoted higher in the Library than Callimachus was--and I can tell you from experience that libraries can be pretty tense places! c) It led to open warfare, and "experience and guile defeated youth and inexperience," as the saying went--Callimachus won. One of his shots survives: <1MEGA BIBLI/ON, MEGA KAKON>1 d) An assortment of hymns to Ptolemy II and his sister/wife Arsinoe (the Philadelphia story!!) seems to suggest that Callimachus had influence at court and so. .. e) Apollonius lost so badly that he had to get out of town! n...
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