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XXII. After the fall: Milton and Paradise Lost A. It will undoubtedly surprise you that, despite Vergil, the Roman Empire declined and fell under a series of plagues, famines, and the attacks of a great many beer-drinking people on horseback. 1. What books the monks had been able to convince themselves were part of the Preparatio Evangelica survived in the Monasteries 2. The Arabs saved what they liked, and 3. Some material got out of Constantinople (fell 1453) B. Around 918 or so Charlemagne and others began to get things politically stabilized again, and by the the 1300's people were beginning to check the books out of the Monasteries and not return them. 1. People like Charlegmagne felt and promulgated the idea that they were doing god's work, and the old Roman link ofsupernatural power to control of the empire resurfaced as "The Divine Right of Kings," hearkening back to David and Saul's anointing. 2. About the only check to a strong monarchy came in the 1200's, something called the Magna
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