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XXIII - XXIII The Scene now changes to 17th Century England...

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XXIII. The Scene now changes to 17th Century England A. As I told you, Henry VIII and Leo VI got into a rather unpleasant disagreement in ____ and Henry broke the Church of England off from the Catholic Church. 1. First came Jack Horner's feast of confiscated church lands 2. Then came the task of trying to combine spiritual and secular authority while at the same time responding to the concerns that had brought on the Protestant Reformation of 1574. 3. It didn't work too well, in case phrases such as 'Ireland,' 'Bloody Mary,' 'the Spanish Armada,' etc., don't mean anything to you. B. By the Reign of Charles I, scion of one of the dumbest families ever to control the crown of England (descended from Mary Queen of Scots), the task was getting a little difficult. 1. A strengthening group of English thinkers, politicians, and thinkers were questioning the areas in which the Kings of England had kept the Church of England similar to the Catholic Church.
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  • Fall '01
  • Topolsky
  • Protestant Reformation, Henry VIII of England, Charles I of England, 17th century England, C. Oliver Cromwell

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