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Cromwell didn't start out commanding Parliament's Army, but he ended up that way by bringing back some old Roman ideas (whether that's where he found them or not). a) His Roundheads got their names since they were trained like modern professional soldiers-- hair shaved, drilled, very strict spiritual and military discipline. b) By 1644 he was 2nd in command of the army and by 1647 the Roundheads had beaten the **** out of the Cavaliers (from Chevalier, knight) and put Charles to flight at the Siege of Oxford. Peace in 1647 but Charles hadn't conceded anything and a) Parliament decided that they could not trust the army and ordered it disbanded, while they hired a Scottish army to protect them. b) Cromwell, may have known the usual result of using a mercenary army (as in, Rome and Carthage) thought that the English soldiers were being disgracefully treated, left London and on June 4, 1647, threw in his lot with his fellow soldiers. A. The Army arrested and eventually executed Charles I after he jumped bail and tried to get the
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