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Brain Washing - funding Animal rights organizations have...

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Brain Washing Many lay people are fearful of psychology because it seems intrusive and perhaps manipulative. Psychological research may lead to brain washing, behavior modification and thought control. Several popular novels and science fiction stories tell of worlds where ordinary people are manipulated by the power structure using psychological techniques. Mono Culture There are more psychologists in the U.S. than rest of world. Contemporary psychology is very much American in its emphasis and context. Some critics suggest that the discipline rests too much on one atypical culture. Ethical Problems Research involving human subjects is controversial and problematic. There have been enough untoward experiments to substantially involve the Federal government in protections for human subjects. Human subject review boards are found in every college or university that receives Federal
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Unformatted text preview: funding. Animal rights organizations have long protested psychological research involving animals, including mice and rats. Some of these protests have involved destruction of laboratory facilities and the loss of experimental animals and data. In the past, and perhaps even today, some research participation has been coerced and uninformed. Some research invades privacy. Experimental manipulations of subjects have the potential to cause physical or psychological distress. Some APA members want to restrict the use of psychological research by advertisers "pitching toys, video games, snack food" and the like to children. These professionals see psychology being used to manipulate the young. Others note that psychological principles are also used to convince people not to use drugs or drive after drinking. Consumer psychology is effective and somewhat controversial....
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