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Clinical Psychology This is by far the largest and most popular sub discipline. The focus is on the diagnosis of mental disorders and prescribing solutions. There is considerable emphasis on therapy. The clinical tradition owes much to F REUD . In the 1960s, behavior modification received considerable interest. S KINNER showed how behavior could be changed by reinforcement of reactions to controlled stimuli. Comparative Psychology This branch studies animal behavior in its own right and to better understand human behavior. E THOLOGY studies animals and birds in their natural settings.
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Unformatted text preview: Cognitive Psychology Here the focus is on perception, thinking, memory, images and language. P SYCHOLOINGUISTICS is the study of how language is acquired, used, and related to behavior. Recently, more emphasis has been placed on information processing. Developmental Psychology This is the general practice of psychology examining behavior as it changes with age/development. Developmental psychology is closely related to applied psychology. Differential Psychology This branch studies the relationship between various behaviors and how differences arise....
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