DEWEY AND LEARNING - D EWEY A ND LEA R N IN GR ESEAR C H From the beginning learning research has had the potential to unify all fields of

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DEWEY AND LEARNING RESEARCH From the beginning, learning research has had the potential to unify all fields of psychology. In 1900, J OHN D EWEY , began to publish works with a focus on social adjustment. Five years later, B INET published tests to predict academic success. By 1913, behavioral study had taken off and was popular by the 1930s. Although psychology began in Germany, by now it had become a largely a U.S. phenomenon. Psychological Abstracts was born in 1927. In the 1930s, psychology was still a discipline with few members, about 3000 APA members. Most psychologists were employed in academe. Academic factions favored very different research approaches. WORLD WARS Both World wars, but especially World War II, created an enormous demand for psychology and psychiatry re: mental testing to evaluate and assign recruits, measure capacities and skills, and help those with mental difficulties. In 1908, Binet advocated the use of intelligence tests by the French army. In
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