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Educational Psychology Here, psychologists study and create more effective learning environments. Educational psychologists counsel students and teachers about learning problems. Often, educational psychology is located in the education college and is separate from the psychology department in the liberal arts college. Environmental Psychology Environmental psychologists study the impact of the environment on various behaviors. There can be a strong relationship with architecture. Industrial Psychology Industrial psychologists study perception, management, and social organization in order to make business and industry more productive and increase job satisfaction.
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Unformatted text preview: Psycholinguistics Psychologists study relationships between language and speech and various behaviors. Physiological and neurophysiology These two sub disciplines relate behavior to change in body, including brain, nerves, hormones, and biochemical changes. Psychometrics Metrics are measurements so here the emphasis is on inventing and refining measures of competence and aptitude. Social psychology Social psychologists study how people relate to other people so that roles and norms are especially important. How interactions affect behavior and how behavior affects interactions also receive much emphasis....
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