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Explanation by specification of network of relationships

Explanation by specification of network of relationships -...

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Explanation by specification of network of relationships. Documentation of how  elements are interrelated and the functional relations among them. The emergence  of quantitative prediction.  Specify a thing's controlling factors, and the integration of that  relationship within a larger framework. Hypothesis testing. Formal clearly  articulated paradigmatic rational. Procedures obvious. Formation of  predictions and the development of generalizations. Hypotheses formed  and tested. When successful, the theory is upheld; when if fails, the theory  is modified.  Explanations by theory. A theoretical model is advanced which specifies  how elements are interrelated.  Apply rules to solve known problem or show how obtained data are  examples of law (normal science). Development of applications. Synthesis  of new behaviors. Extend solution to new problem. Realize new question. 
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Unformatted text preview: The law is used to explain other behaviors. The law "has paid its dues." Any counter examples are seen as the result of the operation of some other factors. A great many observations support it and virtually no findings are inconsistent with the law. As an alternate way to communicate the nature of science, its basic assumptions can be specified. These are issues which are so fundamental as to be unprovable, therefore they are assumed to be true or are assumed to be effectively the case (e.g., this all may be a dream but these are the rules in the dream) If you violate them you will have trouble convincing others of the merits of your work. If you explain an FR pause by saying: "the pigeon was transformed into a rock temporarily", most reasonable people will think you are crazy....
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