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II. Issues Pertaining to Knowledge  This section (i.e., A.) is here for conceptual clarity. Many of the details of the specific  items are the things covered in this course and therefore this section is most  completely understood after having read the entire manuscript.  What makes something true. What makes something understood. What are  considered facts. Only after facts are separated from illusion can the systematic  collection of facts proceed. These issues were developed under the "Truth and  Understanding" headings in the earlier portion of this chapter.  Chapter 2 presented detailed information on molarity and time scale. Once a person  chooses a level of molarity and a time scale, "Psychology of Learning" for example,  rarely are other chosen fields or other time scales considered.  In point of fact, a researcher rarely steps outside a specific context or research 
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Unformatted text preview: specialty. Examples of these "local" contexts would be "matching" or "timing." Sometimes research is carried out with very little connection to any other research at all. This can be OK, but it can also spell the doom of a lot of work. The work can be so idiosyncratic that virtually no one but the investigator (or his students) cares about or can benefit by the knowledge. When doing research, it may be a good exercise to consider how the research bears on each of the above contexts. It may be that it interests us and that is a good enough reason. If it interests us, then that means some implicit theory we believe did not prepare us for the event that piqued our interest....
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