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II. Sources of Problems to Solve  Problems can be conceptualized at a number of levels. At one level we are  all searching for the answer to the question “why do organisms behave the  way they do?” Questions with more specificity could proceed from; why do  humans behave the way they do, to how does reinforcement affect  behavior, to how does reinforcement affect studying, to how does  reinforcement affect studying for tests in university males.  Beginners tend to start with relatively specific research problems focused  on the face value of the question, but eventually develop a broad research  question with great generality. For example, what started as “how can I  help my roommate study more?” evolves into “what controls studying in  people?” At the beginning, the roommate’s behavior is at issue for itself.  Later the person and the behavior are seen as arbitrary instances of a 
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Unformatted text preview: much more important and challenging question. Career long research problems tend to emerge following several years of specific research topics, and require many specific research studies to solve. This section details some of the sources for an initial, relatively specific, research problem. It is intended to help you come up with research which is manageable, enjoyable, and productive. A very serious impediment facing new researchers is well illustrated by trying to use a foreign language dictionary to learn what foreign words mean. Until you know "enough" of a language, you cannot find out what the words mean. Until you know "enough" of a paradigm, you do not know what unresolved questions remain, or when the paradigm is wrong. "A" below is generally a person's first exposure to a research project for that reason....
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