In this regard the goals of science can be recalled

In this regard the goals of science can be recalled -...

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In this regard the goals of science can be recalled. Basic research is the  attempt to solve the puzzle of nature.  The process of science from a historical perspective provides still another  insight into what science is. The mechanism underlying how science  maintains confidence in its predictive models (i.e., accepts what it knows  as fact) but yet changes when new knowledge is discovered is complex.  There is no rule that you can mindlessly follow. "Reality" is actually only a  best approximation. Facts are facts and they are absolute and command  absolute authority . ... until they "change"! What you see with your own  eyes is "real," what a group sees with its own eyes is "real," however it is  possible that new information will make it clear that what you thought you  had been seeing (that is the interpretation you placed on it) was actually a 
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Unformatted text preview: mirage, much like what a child "sees" when watching a magician. The coin is in fact no longer visible (what you actually saw) but it did not vanish in the sense of being converted to air (the interpretation children usually place on it). The problem is that our knowledge base must advance as we learn more. It must change and the old must be seen as wrong. But at the same time, we must consider what we know as fact. We cannot assume that nothing is real and that all things are simply a matter of opinion and will soon change. We cannot believe in nothing. The reality of divorce is no reason not to love your spouse. The reality that elections change government leaders and that laws change is no reason to refuse to accept any law or any government....
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