It is very difficult to explicitly specify the rules which demark a paradigm

It is very difficult to explicitly specify the rules which demark a paradigm

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It is very difficult to explicitly specify the rules which demark a paradigm.  Few people can document the actual rules of grammar but most people  speak correctly.  Much success depends on tacit knowledge. Knowledge that is acquired  through practice and that cannot be articulated explicitly.  Paradigms can determine normal science without the formulation of  explicit rules.  Often scientists do not have a very good understanding of the foundation of  their paradigm and make substantial errors when their niche changes  (e.g., average physicists and tricksters).  Deep argument over legitimate methods and problems serve to define  schools more than produce agreement.  Deep debates occur just before revolutions.  When something new happens its meaning is deeply tied to a paradigm. 
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Unformatted text preview: The isolation of some phenomena which does not fit the existing paradigm and the emergence of a new paradigm may be temporally separated. A key event is the discovery of an anomaly for which the paradigm has not readied the investigator. What is an anomaly for someone who does not understand the paradigm or who cannot find the solution may not be an anomaly for an educated person. Von Daniken sees more anomalies than does a trained archeologist. Amateurs and scientists both look for a new paradigm when the existing body of knowledge and their puzzle solving ability no longer works. It's just that amateurs run out of reasonable explanations very quickly while a scientist's paradigm is enormously more productive....
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