Knowledge Gained Through Actual Experience

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. Knowledge Gained Through Actual Experience (Empirical Research)  The first credible source of information is what a person comes to know by  direct personal experience. These empirical sources can be categorized into  several general classes. These classes could be seen as lying on a rough  continuum which varies from a relatively passive observation to the active  manipulation of abstract variables in a completely controlled  environment.  It’s important to note at this point that personal experience is not as  simple as it seems. What about errors or misunderstandings? How are we  to deal with dreams, psychotic episodes, and drug-induced experiences.  Additionally what about events which cannot be seen, heard, tasted, or  felt. The solution is to demand both integration within a theoretical 
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Unformatted text preview: network and consensual validation as well as some form of empirical support. We must have some mechanism whereby we can resolve disagreements of substance advanced by people of good conscience. These issues are the point of this manuscript. If we wish to construct truthful systematic knowledge, then we will have to have procedures which will assure that we get exactly that. Observational techniques take nature the way it comes. If knowledge were "food", observation is getting a meal by going to a restaurant, you get it the way it is served. Sometimes it's useful knowledge that you can use to better understand things, but sometimes it's mixed with confounds which make it impossible to consume....
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