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Make a particular finding

Make a particular finding - 3 show that complexity is...

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Make a particular finding ( x  axis position) more compelling. Move it out into a  region clearly not covered by existing paradigm. It “stands alone” well outside the  explanatory power of the existing paradigm.  The cogent presentation of well-supported problems with the explanatory  power of the existing paradigm which:  1. dramatically limit the range of solutions which the paradigm  provides  2. show complexity in existing paradigm 
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Unformatted text preview: 3. show that complexity is likely to increase What this does is to "decrease" the number of phenomena which the existing paradigm handles well by pointing out inconsistencies. Unfortunately, this is equivalent to increasing the heat under the "frying pan" in which someone sits. Without a better alternative to which to jump, the "fire" is as likely to be the result of the jump, as anything else....
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