Paradigmatic Psychology

Paradigmatic Psychology - Many things pique our interest We...

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Paradigmatic  Psychology  This chapter develops a coherent paradigmatic world view within which  scientific research in psychology can be seen, and within which the  different areas of psychology can be understood. The approach will be to  start at the most global level of human endeavors and focus down to the  specific areas of scientific research in psychology. In this way scientific  research in psychology will be seen within its context, and will therefore be  more comprehendible.  I. Relevance of a Paradigmatic Framework  II. The Context Within Which Science Exists  All possible human endeavors include such things as art, war, fishing or  love.    We choose one of those activities. We choose the human activities which  can be labeled the search for an answer to the question “why?” 
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Unformatted text preview: Many things pique our interest. We want to know why butterflies change, why the sun rises, why we live, why we have war, or why we love. Some people want to indulge their curiosity and discover exactly why these things are the way they are or how they can be changed to better mankind. It's not appropriate to stop with answers which are lies, or which may or may not be the truth. We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If the answer is only a guess, we want to know that it's only a guess. In the last chapter we logically developed the case for why science is nothing less than the name for the production of what are generally considered "satisfactory" or "acceptable" answers....
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Paradigmatic Psychology - Many things pique our interest We...

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