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Premise:  Descriptive unit of analysis:  Explanatory framework:  It is important to realize that designs used to prove causation in short  term (recover baseline within same subject) may not be appropriate for  medium term adaptation. Proving causation for this time scale may  require substantively different research designs. For example if we wish to  study the acquisition of bicycle riding we may never be able to recover  baseline within that same individual. We may never be able to make that  subject naive again, but rather will only be able to recover baseline across  progeny. The factors which control this time scale of adaptation are not 
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Unformatted text preview: well understood. The measured behavior is a change in the behavior difference to a stimulus difference as the result of differential reproductive success rather than ontogenetic experience. 1. hysteresis in years - millennia range (actually generations) 2. the ability of a stimulus difference to control a response difference is altered for the species 3. previously known as animal behavior or comparative psychology 4. a typical functional relationship - instinct 5. a typical research topic - migration...
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