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Schools (chronological) As is true of other social science disciplines, psychology researchers and teachers are often placed in groups with similar interests (schools). Here are a few of the more notable ones. S TRUCTURALISM studies the structure of the mind and content of consciousness. Introspection is the major method of investigation. There is a focus on the physical dimensions of consciousness. G ESTALT PSYCHOLOGY is concerned with experience as a whole. There is some emphasis on perception studies. F UNCTIONALISM , assuming that the purpose of the mind is to help the organism survive, studies how the mind does that. William James was a noted advocate for this school. B EHAVIORISM examines observable behavior and not private mental states. There has been some focus on environmental determinism. P SYCHOMETRIC research is test based. This school really began with Binet
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Unformatted text preview: and his research on below average ability children. World War I testing of military recruits was a notable stimulus for this type of inquiry. In 1921, the Rorschach Inkblot test was created and it has since become an icon for psychological testing. Fields As with the other social science disciplines, there are limitless possibilities via psychology of this or that. For example, one might study the psychology of marketing, the psychology of elections, the psychology of music, or even the psychology of model railroading. Sub-disciplines Abnormal Psychology This is a branch of personality psychology. Because it involves the diagnosis of mental malfunction, and sometimes of bizarre behavior, it is popular with the mass media. Abnormal psychology is usually strongly clinical....
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