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Science is to understand, explain, and predict by specifying the systematic  relationships among empirical variables. It must be consensually valid and  general. It must not be on authority, sloppy, or simply to "better" mankind. Science can also be defined in terms of the activities of its practitioners.  These activities and their explanatory system differ somewhat depending  on the stage of maturity of the research area.  Unsystematic specification of events. The beginnings of a  conceptualization of the problem or issue. Separation of occurrence from  nonoccurrence (nominal scaling). Defining and specification of elements.  Formulation of productive questions. Design of subsequent investigation.  No explanation at all or simply general, qualitative, correlative  explanations with only analogic support. 
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Unformatted text preview: Manipulations applicable to other investigations, "art" what happens if I do xxxxx. Isolated measurement. Measurement of variables. Description of the static and dynamic properties of the phenomenon. Ordinal - ratio scales. Accumulation of data. General qualitative correlative explanations with slightly more than analogic support. Informal. Difficult to articulate programmatic rationale but easy to get consensual validation of acceptable procedures and data. Meaningful classification and summarization. Parameter estimation. Extension to new areas. Delineation of rules. Development of theory. Discussion of the implications. Specification of a thing's relationship with covariates. Specification of a thing's controlling factors....
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