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Specific procedure used to answer the problem

Specific procedure used to answer the problem - recognized...

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Specific procedure used to answer the problem?  Information necessary to exactly replicate the study with respect to the  procedure?  Designed to avoid potential confounds?  Procedures used to deal with unavoidable confounds?  Information necessary to realize any confounds or inability to generalize  because of some special property of the procedure?  Was a baseline obtained or were the groups equal at the start?  How were the independent variables measured?  How were the dependent variables measured?  In general, what was found? What happened?  Data provided to justify statements or major trends?  Reliability of the results?  How was reliability demonstrated?  Was the design capable of detecting very small changes in the dependent  variable? How small of a change in the dependent variable would be 
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Unformatted text preview: recognized as significant? What proportion of the variance in the dependent variable did the independent variable account for? Was the original question answered? A simple statement of the support or lack of support of the original question in the introduction? Nonstatistical arguments for the reliability of the finding? Nonstatistical arguments for the generality of the findings? Arguments for accepting that the exact independent and dependent variables are appropriate "models" for the inferred independent and dependent variables? Nonstatistical arguments for the meaningfulness of the findings? Answer the question “so the procedure produced these results - so what?” What additional relevance was there?...
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