Yet another perspective would emphasize the motivations underlying a scientist

Yet another perspective would emphasize the motivations underlying a scientist

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Yet another perspective would emphasize the motivations underlying a  scientist's behavior.  A scientist is curious. They ask the question "why." They want to know  why things work the way they do and nothing less than the truth will do  for an answer. Their goal is to minimize the mysteries in the universe by  obtaining knowledge through direct observation of particular aspects of  the universe.  Scientists work very hard at unraveling the universe by using known and  accepted principles. For example beginning with the theory that matter  does not disappear, a person may try to unravel a performance of David  Copperfield. Demonstrating exactly how the trick worked with known and  accepted principles of physics would prove the scientist an expert puzzle  solver. Alternatively starting with the assumption that people are dying as  the result of some disease organism, a scientist can set out to solve the 
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Unformatted text preview: puzzle of just how they are dying and what will stop it. "The challenge is to succeed in solving a puzzle that no one before has solved nor solved so well." As with all challenges "the puzzle must be difficult enough to prove one an expert puzzle solver, but still be solvable." In a way therefore, science can be seen as a game or as puzzle solving in that it has rules and it is intrinsically fun. That is not to say however that it is messing around nor that it is not laborious. "For the scientist who plays the game for understanding rather than practical advantages, it is a game whose chief delights are the addition of one neatly contrived stroke that helps give form to a picture. A game affording a glimpse of what no one has conceived before. A game from which may come the ecstasy of bringing order out of chaos."...
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