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Utility - Psychologists are the evil people who place the...

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Utility Much psychological research is trivial or irrelevant to the major concerns of everyday life. Measurement and testing has had the greatest utility, especially in matching prospective employees with appropriate positions . Such testing has undoubtedly improved work productivity. It is not clear if it has also improved the quality of life. Lack of standardization in concepts and measures has limited generalizations. Small, atypical samples have also been a problem. People tell you what will make them look good or what they believe that you wish to hear so there are serious concerns about reliability. Tackling insignificant problems with impeccable methods is a frequent criticism of psychological research. Stereotypes More than the other social sciences, psychology faces quite a few negative stereotypes. Consider all the " shrink " jokes. Consider the movies and stories of white coated brain washers who modify and manipulate human behavior.
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Unformatted text preview: Psychologists are the evil people who place the unwary in mental hospitals at the drop of the hat. Psychologists provide rationales to excuse any deviant behavior as caused by mental illness and get guilty people off the hook (no one need be responsible for their actions). Employment Outside Academe There is some concern that able students in traditional research fields such as cognitive and social psychology are pursuing non-academic positions as market researchers or management consultants, for example. Academic life has become more demanding and salaries may not be competitive. As one faculty member commented, "It's unlikely he's going to publish, go to conventions, or teach. . .. A lot of the value that went into teaching him will be wasted. he will be lost in terms of that luster for the department."...
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