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V - and understanding Ask yourself"will the reader...

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V. Writing-up Research Discoveries  Information to be useful to others and to be consensually validated must  be communicated. Any findings which are not independently evaluated are  of questionable validity. Discoveries are therefore usually presented in the  form of formal papers and published in journals. You must be comfortable  with this communication format if you are to conduct research.  Ask yourself what would have been the perfect paper for you to have read  in order to understand everything you need to know. Then write it.  Assume that your reader is a bright, enthusiastic student with a  background in Introductory Psychology. Be curious, ask yourself why  things are the way they are. Try to understand your world.  Papers must be understandable and meaningful. Papers are for replication 
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Unformatted text preview: and understanding. Ask yourself "will the reader know everything that happened?" Everything is designed to tell somebody something. Provide everything that is needed, nothing that is not. Each sentence must be as informative as possible. Include all relevant information. Never use anything you do not know is absolutely and totally real. Outline the paper until it is perfectly clear, then write it. You cannot rediscover all the knowledge in the field of psychology for yourself. You will need to utilize the thousands of man years of hard work and thinking already provided by people in the field if you are going to contribute meaningfully or if you wish to be an ethical purveyor of psychology....
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