This type of synthesis is the production of a specific behavioral phenomenon

This type of synthesis is the production of a specific behavioral phenomenon

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This type of synthesis is the production of a specific behavioral phenomenon,  specifically as a test of your understanding, or for some practical use (which also  validates your understanding).  This approach proceeds by reconstituting the phenomenon from component  parts in order to identify the underlying cause or to assure that the  analysis which specified its component parts was correct.  Example: The perception of orange is thought to be mediated by yellow and  blue receptors. By illuminating a panel with monochromatic blue and  monochromatic yellow you determine if orange is a simple combination of  blue and yellow.  This procedure demonstrates the causal factors underlying a phenomenon  by causing it to occur and to cease by introducing and removing a  necessary element.  Example: You come to believe that the amount of your roommate's 
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Unformatted text preview: studying is under the control of the social attention you provide. You test this by providing and not providing social attention on random days while you monitor the amount of studying. This procedure demonstrates the causal factors underlying a phenomenon by demonstrating the phenomenon in animal models. Example: Animal models could be used to demonstrate that language evolves and works the way we think it does. This is the creation or synthesis of an explanation or theory. It is the integration of an event into a large coherent body of knowledge. A detailed treatment of what it means to explain a phenomenon is covered later in this chapter. Theoretical synthesis could be seen as essential for the establishment of a phenomenon’s complete cause in the Aristotelian meanings of the term "cause."...
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