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This is reorganization - relationship and analyze and...

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This is reorganization, rearrangement, and restructuring of data in order to  determine whether or not it matches a relationship which you predict. This type of  “playing” with the data has particular regularities in mind. You analyze your data  looking for specific functions. These functions could be generated by theories,  models, or even intuition as in deductive research.  Very often things happen in an experiment for which you have no  preexisting knowledge and no particular "ax to grind." Functional  relationships other than those previously documented may be observed. In  this case your primary task is one of accurately and completely describing  a phenomenon whose larger context and set of controlling factors you can  only guess, i.e., the construction of a functional context.  We can have a hunch about the ultimate nature of the functional 
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Unformatted text preview: relationship and analyze and display our results to best point toward it. We may be able to formalize our intuition into a general theoretical model which makes clear predictions and is falsifiable. We may be able to formulate an exact model of the obtained functional relationship and wish to argue that that model is applicable in other situations. This general class of inductive research, not only reorganizes data to see what's there, but also carries out specific experimental procedures in order to better characterize the phenomenon which is of interest. It is similar to “description of functional relationship” but is broader in that it specifies how the function changes with changes in procedures....
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