The task of observational research is one of abstraction of commonalities

The task of observational research is one of abstraction of commonalities

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The task of observational research is one of abstraction of commonalities.  The researcher comes up with axis labels which show systematic and  reliable functions. Correlational techniques. Identification of functional  relationships. This tends to be describing events and measuring the  capacity of the organism. Methods vary along a dimension of constraint or  structure. Simply watching something in order to see what is going on is  relatively unstructured, conceptually demanding, and holds the potential  of being the most productive. While at the other extreme, a check sheet is  very structured, conceptually easy, but often tells us little more than we  already know. As with all research, the focus could be on the behavior and  functional relations at face value only, or the intent could be to see the 
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Unformatted text preview: behavior as an instance of a more general process. This is simply observing nature exactly as it occurs. The observer must hope that the data obtained are relevant and that the observation itself did not affect the behavior. Often we cannot gather information on every conceivable event. This category is the explicit recognition that many things are ignored. A case study is an observation limited to a single individual. A survey is a collection of a set of information (such as TV viewing habits) by gathering a limited subset of the potential data. A check sheet is a collection of a precisely specified subset of variables in a controlled format. It is the most restricted but has the advantage of speed and that the desired information will always be included....
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