The following variations of a scatter plot illustrate

The following variations of a scatter plot illustrate -...

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The following variations of a scatter plot illustrate:      Clearly a single dependent variable can change as the result of more than  one independent variable. In fact, it may not change unless several  variables are manipulated in a particular way. Additionally, a single  independent variable may cause several dependent variables to change. In  this light, the previous examples can be seen as special cases of what  changes we could expect in the natural world. The earlier examples have  only one independent variable and one dependent variable; they are called  univariate. The multivariate nature of the natural world has gotten lost  because analysis simplifies in order to understand things and the  analytical tools for multivariate analysis have only recently become 
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Unformatted text preview: available. In the past, all statistics were univariate. Ball on a plane. Ball in a valley, pendulum at bottom. Pendulum at top. Ball pushed into next valley. The previous section on covariance skipped around a relatively complex issue without drawing attention to it. The issue however must be dealt with. Rarely do we find two subjects with exactly the same score. Rarely does an individual behave in an absolutely identical fashion from one occasion to the next occasion of the same situation. We must have a responsible way to treat this variation. We must have a truthful and coherent way to understand why behavior varies....
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The following variations of a scatter plot illustrate -...

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