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Christopher Webb Professor Rawlins CMCL 335 Production of Criticism April 30, 2011 Lab Journal 3 I feel that the product right now at its post-production stage, is that it is good to say the least but I believe we could’ve done way better and there is always room to grow. As oppose to post-production with the production stage, it was very difficult because the technology of it all was just not on our side but we were lucky and we embraced it like an obstacle and got over it. As far as the pre-production I believe we came along way, from the acting to finding how we are going to do some scenes to timing, I believe we came out of this okay and that post production really reflected the hard work. I feel the project changed between post-production, pre-production and production by the
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Unformatted text preview: timing of It all and the obstacles of technology. We lost most of our work on one of the computers which I believed delayed time so much for us and when we finally went back in to re-do it we forgot how we had it so some scenes actually changed on us through lost memory. Also, some shots that we took during production really didn’t make the cut, everything looks good until you bring them all together and then the best shots can be the wrong fit in continuity and content. The most unexpected challenges during post-production was the technology aspect of getting our movie together. The computers where really being a pain in the butt for us, because we lost all our body of shots and we had to re-do it over that cost us to make a complete body of work. We really lost out...
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