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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres Professor Segal October 18, 2011 The social role of Brakhage films are to allow people to see what he sees in a sense of giving people a concise clear perspective of interpretation. He wants to help people get to the “tutored eye” as Wees put it and avoid conforming to the social conventions that are supported by it. The way we are seeing is to the filmmaker’s perspective. Brakhage is saying he wants the viewers to understand the artistic voice and expression of the auteur or the filmmaker so that we can experience their vision. As Brakhage put it, “I really want to help people to see, to the extent that I have any clear social function as an artist”(78). I think Brakhage wants to people to notice what he is doing, how he is doing it and although it is very subjective to do so, just appreciate the art. Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. It relates to Brakhage’s concept of “newness”
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