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Christopher Webb March 23, 2011 CMCL 324: Persuasion Professor Golan Thesis Statement How were the concepts of persuasion and coercion used by the American slave master’s to help make America change the landscape of their economic and social system? The Beginning The earliest records of slavery dates back to 1760 BC and though by each passing era the slavery systems changed or evolved, none was more as advanced and organized as the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Atlantic Slave Trade which took part across the Atlantic Ocean shores was somewhat of the first form of human trafficking that seen African slave dealers selling other Africans to European traders who then transported what they called “Aliens” to Northern and Southern American colonies for free labor. Some African slaves were a part of kidnappings and raids by European slave traders and as a result most slaves were untrained and undisciplined, who at any chance attacked members on board the ship or jumped into the Atlantic disappearing into the waters that was inhabited by sharks. New Found Methods The European Slave traders got to a point where they needed to control their slaves or else they will all attack them or jump off board and most likely their trade value will go down due to noncooperation of the slaves, as there started to be a limited
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amount to sell by the countless suicides by prideful African Slaves. In most slave ships that were going towards the Caribbean islands, most European slave traders begin using training methods called “Seasoning” to break their slaves. “Seasoning” was a process that were conducted by the slave traders to install mental awareness in their slaves by conditioning the African captives for their new lot in life, newly arrive black African captive would have to be trained into the daily rigors that await them in the Americas. “Seasoning” included beatings, intimidation, a sacrifice mostly the father or male children and rape. These practices began to shape the training methods of mentally and physically provisioning the system of slavery and it also had an economic side. The process of seasoning had a strong profit motive for example, as economist’s state the average price of adult male slaves in Jamaica in the 1770's was 52% higher than "New Negroes" (Africans who came to America). Jamaica and other Caribbean island became the center of the slave trade but the Americas seem to fall behind in their slave system until being introduced to these methods. America needed a leader or some type of guidance as they reached out to West Indies slave traders. With the traders help and methods, this is where slaves in America began to show signs of surrender by countless whippings and beatings on their ships, as “seasoning” started to be applied to slave ships heading to the Americas. Slave traders began to see a new market in the Americas and sold them without any hesitation on the part of the slave masters investments, who now having slaves that are disciplined, obedient, good workers and most importantly free labor, the Americas economy started to flourish.
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