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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres Professor Segal Dear Professor, To my understanding, the “oncourse” attendance part of the grade book shows that I have nine absences. For what is worth, I have taken the time to prove that’s not the case as well as the details of those absences are rather out of the ordinary for the time that was actually spent away from 392. The first two weeks of screenings and the semester, I began a new job on 8/29 in which I had to work on that day or call off, which are cuts, according to my employment policies. The date of 9/12 I also was obligated to work and soon after the discussion in class about my obligations to my job, I spoke with my employer to have my schedule changed. As you know 9/19 and 9/21, I was really ill, due to an allergic reaction and I showed proof by showing my doctors note. Beginning in October, It started to become a mandatory Monday meeting that I needed to attend for my Marketing Club committee in which I had to attend at 8:30. The dates of October
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