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I. Introduction A. Theme: what is your overarching theme or issue? Find the common element across all the texts (visual and written) that you'll be discussing? My theme and issue is that, the Bill Couturie documentary, “Dear America”, fulfilled Ruby’s concept of “speak for” and “speak about”, but failed to “speak with”. Couturie seem to try to “speak with” by having actors/actresses dramatized the voices as though they felt their emotions while they were writing the letters. It showed that documentary is a contradiction and B. Thesis: what key observation/argument are you making? This will drive the rest of your essay! Each exmaple you bring in shoudl be aimed to demonstrate a further aspect of your argument.: I try to aim at breaking down the film and highlight the main objective and purpose of the film. Couturie perception of what he felt represented the soldiers and what he felt was real, looked like a dramatic cinematic biographical film, not a documentary. Incorporating Earle’s reading and concepts of perception being “inherently real”, I try interpret what Couturie perception was trying to aim towards and were he ended up. As well applying two concepts of the Ruby readings to enclose a interpretation of the body of the film. C. Preview: which authors & key concepts will you be using? How is your essay organized? The key concepts that I will using are Jay Ruby’s concepts of “speak for”, “speak about” and “speak with”. Another key concept I will be using is Earle’s perception being a “inherent realism”. My essay is organized around interpreting and trying to understand the documentaries content. Trying to underline the why’s and how’s using Ruby and Earle’s concepts. II. Theoretical foundation
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Outline.docx392 - I. Introduction A. Theme: what is your...

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