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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres Professor Segal November 7, 2011 What gives the avant-garde meaning is the potential to be something like the documentary and fictional entertainment film genres were 20 years ago. Richter believes that avant-garde has “it’s own philosophy”, and that the avant-garde has it’s own purpose, which is to experiment and innovate so that avant-garde film can “become useful in furthering the film industry.” To sum it all up, Richter believes the meaning of avant-garde is for avant-garde to have the freedom to be free. Richter, from what I interpreted, wants filmmakers to be their own artist and experiment so that eventually viewers will come to respect avant-garde like the genres of documentary and fictional films. This meaning benefits the artist as expressing “oneself” is the true meaning of avant-garde. The artist or filmmaker allows themselves to “freedom” of
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