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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: media Genres Professor Segal November 8, 2011 In Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley’s “Schmeerguntz”( 1966), the duo explained in their interview with Brenda Robinson, that they “just want people to identify those movies” with them as characters. Both women didn’t want to be labeled as women or in gender classifications pertaining to the movies content that somewhat took away from the meaning of the film. In a sense, Wiley and Nelson, didn’t see much of a feministic view when putting this film together
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Unformatted text preview: but I believe I was something else. It seemed as though Wiley and Nelson, when talking about being looked at in regards to their artistic expressions and meanings, they wanted to be seen as “humans”. In result I believed what both were hinting at was somewhat of a class issue more than a feministic issue although it’s there and being realized in a feministic sense....
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