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Christopher Webb Group 2 Prof. Stansfield April 17, 2011 Summary: Week 3 In the third week of presentations and discussions during class time, in this portion of protest strategies and movements, we talked about Street Movements in America, Brazil, India and South Africa. At first I really had no clear idea of what Street Movements where and it kind of caught me off guard on the movements that I was thinking of at the time. I had the great pleasure of covering American street movements, in which everything that I learned I clearly knew. Hip Hop being the most notable Street Movements, is a movement that I actually grew up in. I understood the movement and I can say I was in the movement and all that it stood for in the African American communities. The movement that stood out to me the most was the Black Panther Party, in which I believe created the Gangs we see today such as Bloods and Crips. The Black Panther Party, I learned was not always a militant movement, It
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Unformatted text preview: was started to enrich the black community with values that most blacks believe we should always be proud of, such as black power. I also learned about the Back to Africa Movement, I had knowledge of Marcus Garveys plans to take African Americans back to Africa but I never knew he really had a ship which was the Black Star Line. I also learned that most African Americans outside of the inner cities actually called Hip Hop a Pan Africanistic State of Mind, which made me proud of the culture. I learned about South Africas Hip Hop movement, in which bridged the cultures of America and Africa a little closer, into understanding the black pride that most African descents can appreciate out of the music world and the universal language. Brazil and India, I really didnt understand their street movements that well from the groups and it seemed as though it was a little bit clustered....
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