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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres Professor Segal November 2, 2011 The relationship between sound and image in Schmeerguntz, is that it was by coincidence and the relationship was almost unintentional. Throughout the film, most of the sound seem to be the opposite of the commercial view of the image that was being viewed, such as the kissing scene. Wily and Nelson talked briefly about this scene, with a man kissing a women after a scene of a women throwing up. Both believed that it was unintended for the sound to be in the film and they said they “didn’t plan” for it to happen that way. The recurring film subject for Nelson and Wiley was the fact that women were trophies and products of American society. The scenes that showed pageant contestants and then cutting to a scene Wiley pregnant, showed a significant collapse in a women’s diaphragm, the inevitable of a women’s worth to the public and private sphere. The relationship between the ugly and the beautiful for their filmic vision was that ugly was the real world and everything that was being
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Unformatted text preview: shot through the camera looked better. Wiley talked about Mary Collier table in which she believed it was “cruddy” until she filmed it and described it as “glamorous and beautiful and glittering.” The relationship between ugliness and beautiful was that, ugliness was just the reality and beautiful was the glass eye (looking out the window)and outside of the realm of reality but seeing the effects of it or seeing reality itself. Yes, I think feminism and the personal was a useful framework for Nelson and Wiley because they both believed in the human aspect as well using the perspective of an women to expose women conditions. They were personally striving for attention, but not only the attention of getting women’s experiences of birth, marriage, coercive competitions and pregnancy out there to the public, but as well as their professional careers as directors....
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