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Film and Revolution C401 Take Home Exam #1 Professor Joshua Malitsky Directions : Answer each of the following questions in well—organized essays. Each answer should be between 2-3 pages (total 6-9 pages). Place your citations in the bodies of the essays with a bibliography at the conclusion. Feel free to cite lecture notes with a date if you choose, but it is not necessary. 1. Distinguish Eisenstein’s film theory from the mid 1920s from his film theory from the later 1920s. Use examples from Strike or Battleship Potemkin in your discussion of his mid-1920s thought and use examples from
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Unformatted text preview: October to demonstrate his changing concerns in the late 1920s. 2. Identify two central areas of debate between Eisenstein and Vertov. Provide examples from their arguments and films as evidence. With whom do you agree and why? 3. Write a detailed analysis of the prologue and the first reel of Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera . Discuss how the opening sections relate to Vertov’s overall approach to cinema. Be sure to pay close attention to the formal choices Vertov makes. ***These films are all widely available online...
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