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Paleo Conservative 1) They debate weather defending other countries, is in the US national interest. We cannot act militarily unless the congress of the US has approved it and this has happened several times in our history they strongly oppose this. 2) They are generally against wars of aggression upon the basis of their illegal and unconstitutional nature and are generally cautious about military action or sanctions against foreign governments. 3) Generally against immigration, America for the Americans we want visitors not residents. 4) Paleo Conservatives like Pat Buchanan were in favor of the cold war because to them if the Russians would have won the cold war they would have not just dramatically changed the political system but our culture. 5) Most paleo conservatives believe that any support for other countries such as Israel, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan over American neutrality is not in American interest and this aid is viewed as Illegal and Immoral. This in
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