WWI and WWII 1-20-11 - U.S WWI(1914-1916 Neutral 4/17-18 1...

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U.S & WWI- (1914-1916 “Neutral” 4/17-18) 1. Wilson- Runs for second term in office based on having kept us out of war during his first term in office. But in his second term he gets us into WWI. Wilson is a liberal Idealist because he goes into WWI to defend Democracy in his own words this would be the war to end all wars. 2. U.S War Loans- If Germany wins the war we don’t get repaid. 3. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare- The sinking of the Lusitania After Wilson was re elected to his second term Germany announced it would continue its Unrestricted Submarine Warfare and that is what ultimately led Wilson to go before Congress and ask for a declaration of war against Germany. 4. Zimmerman Note- Zimmerman was the German foreign minister in Berlin He wires a coded telegram that we refer to now as the Zimmerman note the note was addressed to the German ambassador in Mexico, saying you help us in WWI as an ally and as a result when we win the war We’ll give you back Texas and California. The note was intercepted and decoded by British Spy’s who turned it over to American Press to release. This caused anger amongst the American Southwest who was the area in the country most opposed to entering the war but once they heard this they said “bring it on”. 5. British Propaganda- 6. Versailles Peace Settlement & 14 Points aka (War Aims) Same year WWI ends Russia becomes the USSR Treaty of Versailles was a punitive treaty (means it was a punishing treaty). Where Germany was heavily punished. They had to give up African colonies and in addition pay War reparations; they also had to keep an Army of a maximum of 100,000 and no air force. The Versailles peace settlement Wilson felt was largely based upon his 14 points. Wilsons 14 points ( 5 of them) I. Free Trade- all countries will be able to experience economic growth through free trade, were going to Lower tariffs and encourage free trade. II. National Self Determination- this meant that you should end empires and peoples should create their own countries state or nations based upon the country for example Poland for the Poles, Czechoslovakia for the Czechs. In other words the breaking up of the German empire and the creation of nation states in which the people would determine how that government would operate. III. Freedom of the Seas- Meaning nations would be able to travel both commercially and militarily in any part of the world’s oceans without any fear of military intimidation. IV. Gradual Disarming- This shows Idealism, over time instead of countries building up Armies and Navy’s they would reduce and ultimately eliminate them. V. League of Nations- if countries don’t have military to keep the peace how will peace be maintained? The answer was the League of Nations. The League of Nations is based upon the concept of collective security the good cooperative Democracies of the world would come together and provide military and economic support to react
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collectively as a group against any state that was a threat to international peace. Unfortunately the U.S will not join the League of Nations because the US Senate
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WWI and WWII 1-20-11 - U.S WWI(1914-1916 Neutral 4/17-18 1...

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