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Unformatted text preview: Franklin D Roosevelt (Democrat 1933-1945) He was the fifth cousin of Teddy Roosevelt. Although he could be very private FDR brought an easy charm to the white house. He had a strong personality and a lot of personal charm. He was stricken with Polio at the age of 39 he was virtually confined to the homemade wheelchair that he personally designed to use. During his presidency this was downplayed. He tried to be photographed standing even though he had to carry around these 10 pound heavy leg braces in order to stand and walk. He had to brace himself by clinging to someone’s arm to disguise his painful steps. He also had a customized Ford that he drove with hand controls so that in the news he seemed to be an able bodied man. The media would never show that he was crippled you were not allowed to take pictures of this and disseminate them publicly. His oval office was often cluttered and chaotic. It pinned advisors against each other. He is the model of the successful president. He kept a notion that it’s nice to always have some kind is the model of the successful president....
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